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Open Beta Test for Terra Militaris starts today

Gala Networks Europe, has announced that its latest browser-based title, Terra Militaris, will commence an Open Beta Test in English, French, German and Polish, starting today. Open to anyone with a penchant for high-end real-time strategy, resource management and in-depth empire building.

Hyun Hur, CEO, Gala Networks Europe comments: “Following on from the Closed Beta Test held last month, we’re hugely excited about opening Terra Militaris’s doors to anyone and everyone who wants a cutting-edge RTS via the most accessible route available – the Internet browser. We’re sure players will be impressed by how advanced Snail Game’s technology has become, with no expense spared on production values and game mechanics, not to mention a depth of gameplay and strategy that’s unprecedented for the browser gaming format.”

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By: MMOGinfo Publish date: 28/10/2010


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