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Weapon Combination of Dreamland Online and deluxe Christmas pa

IGG has published new info on the special combination system of Dreamland Online. The weapon combination system gives players the ability to enhance their weapons. In a few easy steps, any player can master this feature and become even more deadly in battle. After combining weapons, the subsidiary weapon will vanish and the major weapon will likely receive a bonus attribute.

Combination requires a major weapon plus a subsidiary weapon and a reagent. The result is the major weapon plus a combination bonus. The required reagent is mushrooms, which can be found anywhere around the starting zone. Players can combine using the same major weapon as often as they like, but each new bonus replaces the previous one, so a weapon can only have one combination bonus. Once a weapon has a good combination bonus, it’s a good idea to give careful consideration to whether it’s worth gambling on the chance of receiving a better combination bonus.

Only a weapon that is the same grade as the major weapon can serve as the subsidiary during combination. The combination process destroys the subsidiary weapon. The better the weapons combined, the bigger the combination bonus. The smaller the level difference between the two weapons, the better the potential combination bonus. The quality of the subsidiary weapon determines the maximum combination bonus. The quality of the major weapon determines the minimum combination bonus. Players can preview the minimum and maximum combination bonus values when placing the required items in the combination interface.

By the way, we are giving away 200 deluxe Christmas packs. Each one contains:  Mount-Mini Dinosaur *1, 50% Crazy Exp Card *3, 2X Exp Potion(60 min)*5, Pet Exp Potion(60 min)*5, Flying boots*40, Goodies Store*1, Surper Healing Potion & Surper Mana Potion*5, Uncommon Hot Spring Ticket*2, Minor AP Potion*2, Pet Energy potion*2, Crushed Boost Gem*10, Polished Boost Gem*5, Flawless Boost Gem*5 and Lucky Enhancement Gem*10.

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By: MMOGinfo Publish date: 22/12/2010


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