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Weapons and gear in Forsaken World

This week, Perfect World updated its blog with an entry about Forsaken World‘s weapons and gear. The game has a wide and varied amount of equipment available for the aspiring adventurer. Along with regular pieces of armor and weapons, there is a variety of ways to customize these pieces of equipment to fit your play style. Socketing, identifying hidden stats, and fortification can all combine to make your set of equipment unique for your own build.

Sockets in equipment are directly related to the level of fortification you apply to it. With the maximum number of sockets being four, you will be capable of embedding a large variety of gemstones within them to increase your stats and abilities. Additionally, embedding gemstones can have several unique effects on your overall appearance.

Fortification is the bread and butter for gear enhancement in Forsaken World. Besides adding gem sockets, fortifying a weapon will increase its base statistics to new levels of power with each successful fortification attempt. Forsaken World’s fortification system is very user friendly, where progress on an item is saved with no strings attached. Failing to fortify an item does not result in any penalty for the attempt.


Finally, identification is a system familiar to many players. Most items will come with hidden statistics that must be unlocked with an identification scroll.  The higher level the item, the more powerful of a scroll you must use. The best part is that if you don’t like the stats that are unlocked, you can reroll them with another scroll until you get the desired results.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 13/01/2011


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