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Ministry of War gets The Arcadian Ladder expansion

SNAIL GAMES USA announced that the first expansion to its groundbreaking MMO RTS Ministry of War has been launched on January 22, 2011 on the new server: Rage. The expansion will add a host of new features, further pushing the technical boundaries of what is possible in a browser game. The Arcadian Ladder expansion is named after is a massive 50-level battle instance which challenges Heroes to battle against progressively difficult Bosses which drop ever-more epic loot.

“Ministry of War is the deepest and richest browser game in the world and The Arcadian Ladder will provide our players with even more great content,” says Snail Games USA PR Manager Mark Hill. “Since the MoW’s launch in November, we’ve been very proud of the game’s performance, and we are excited to see the community’s reaction to all of the new features.”

It features:

. A full-scale Auction House for players to buy, sell, and trade weapons, equipment, skills, and treasure.
. The Levers of Fortune, a slot machine which drops resources, building and research boost items, plus a chance to win rare Heroes.
. A new streamlined user interface (UI) to give Ministry of War players a larger viewing field and easier navigation around the enormous game world.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 24/01/2011


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