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What faction do you will choose in Shaiya? Alliance of Light or Union of Fury? Take your decission and fight for one of the goddess in the different difficult modes but be careful, because your character can die forever.


Best 2010 Free MMORPG Games

2010 has been a spectacular year for us, and 2011 will be even better. But, for now, to commemorate the past year we have created a Top 10 video with the best 2010 free MMORPGs. Check it out right here, in HD quality. Enjoy it and don't forget to comment. Do you agree with our list?

Farmerama is a browser-based game where you live as a humble farmer. Breathe in the fresh country air and starting farming. Your field is divided into a grid where you can farm, plant trees or raise animals.

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Pirate Galaxy is set in the distant future. You take the role of a daring starship pilot, joining an organization of space pirates. It highlights real-time space and ground-based combat, intuitive controls, a great atmospheric music and a huge game universe with dozens of planets to explore.

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Fly for fun focuses on characters flying around and features exciting ground and air based battles, with a multitude of abilities, weapons, flying vehicles and job classes. Its party system is pretty unique, because it awards its members with different group based benefits.

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Atlantica Online is a strategy MMO where players begin a journey to find the relics of Atlantis and destroy them. As they explore more, they discover their own connection to the fallen city. The game offers players turn-based combat, mercenary system and city and country management systems.

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Dungeons and Dragons Online brings its genuine Active Combat system where Monsters can see and hear you, adding entirely new elements to an already advanced system. Take part in strategic, tactical battles using a combination of collision mechanics and real-time combat.

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Free Realms is a 3D virtual world in which you can play directly from your web browser. Teach your pet a new trick, mine for gold, cook up a meal, or race your car. There are many different kind of challenges and a wide variety of fun minigames.

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Shaiya is meant to be played by fight lover gamers willing to improve their skills constantly. One of its most distinguishing aspects is its four difficulty modes: Easy, Normal, Hard and Ultimate. If an ultimate mode player got killed and is not resurrected within next 3 minutes, then character is permanently dead.

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Runes of Magic's most unique feature is its dual class system with up to 30 individual combination types unleashing several skill combinations to be used by a single character. Players will meet mysterious and dangerous creatures and solve the enigmas of old kingdoms long-lost in the mists of time.

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Perfect World International is based on Chinese mythology, offers a great pvp system, territory Wars, level based progression and skill point based. The simulated day and night along with the flight capability is a key component when exploring the game world.

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Vindictus is the first physics-based multiplayer action role-playing game that combines stunning visuals with high-speed combat. It uses a modified Source engine to enable actions like throwing, shattering, binding with chains, piercing with spears, and more.

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