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Spaniard blend reveals the synopsis of Anmynor

Spaniard Blend has revealed today the synopsis of its first title, ANMYNOR, and the first screenshots of one of the 5 environments of the game, the "arena" of fire.

ANMYNOR  is set in a magic world, ravaged by the war. In a time so far that nobody can remember, man discovered magic, until that moment savage and unknown, and this discovery became in source of wealth and prosperity for mankind; the alchemist masters, wise and hermit beings devoted to the art of magic, created the runes, powerful stones that contained magic.
Soon the greed of man interfered in the course of the History and centuries of wars amongst villages, cities and even civilizations devastated the earth and decimated mankind brutally. Man, full of yearning of revenge, found in magic the way in order to continue the fights and created the golems, magic beings built with runes, with incalculable and splendid powers and controlled by the mind of his masters.
From that moment, the battles of man were fought by the golems who fight to live or death in the "arenas", parallel worlds created for the war.To be the best master, the most powerful of the warriors, and the most respectful magician is the motivation for the men of ANMYNOR world, that are still fighting nowadays.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 04/02/2011


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