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Pre-beta registration launched for DragonSoul

Neonga announces the launch of the pre-beta registration of its newest title “Dragon Soul a fantasy-themed MMORPG.
The Beta Test of the Game is scheduled for spring 2011.

"Dragon Soul" blends distinctive 3D graphics and classical role-playing elements with an immersive story.

The mythical world of “Dragon Soul” is inhabited by eight different kingdoms who are trying to overthrow the former ruling alliance. The player can decide which side he wants to fight for and form a guild in order to claim their power in the shattered land.
The game offers 5 different classes, 160 unique skills and more than 800 quests
. A wide variety of different Pets can be raised to fight side-by-side with the player. Those pets can learn their own skills and sell the players’ spare equipment automatically in the next town to aid their master to level up their character up to the current maximum level (100).

Besides all that the game has a strong focus on player-vs-player encounters in kingdom wars. Players will even be able to become the king of their kingdom by election of other players and form alliances with other kingdoms to fight a stronger opponent with their combined power.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 07/02/2011


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