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Anmymor uses the same engine as Bioware SWTOR

Spaniard Blend, the Spanish study has revealed today that it is developing its first title, Anmynor on the graphics engine Hero Engine. Hero is the same engine that is used for Bioware SWTOR.Spaniard Blend has also reported the minimum technical requirements that will be needed to play Anmynor on our PC.The operating system must be Microsoft Windows XP sp2 or later. Our computer must have 1GHz CPU with 256 MB of RAM. Anmynor also need 2 GB of free disk space and we need to have installed Direct X 9.0 to enjoy the sound and the graphic part of the game. Direct x 9.0 needs to be compatible with graphics card with 64 MB of RAM.

However, the recommended requirements to take full advantage of Anmynor starts with Microsoft Windows 7 x64, a PC with 2 GHz dual core CPU and 2GB of RAM. We will take full advantage of the graphical aspects of the title with 4-8GB hard drive and graphics card Shader Model 2 or better with 512 MB RAM.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 08/02/2011


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