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Forsaken World's Vampire class preview and gameplay video

To play a vampire in Forsaken World you need to choose Kindred as race. The Kindred are a race apart thanks to their immortality, powerfull phsysique and perfect appearance. Exactly what you should be once you are a vampire.

With a giant nephyte's Crux as weapon to increase its power, the vampire class is an excellent fighter at medium/short distance.
It uses their own blood to attack and It drains the soul of its enemies to replenish its soulforce, the green special bar of the vampire class, with which can unleash the soul ability, a lethal attack extremly powerfull.
The first soul ability is called "Dancefloor of blood" and, as far as we have seen, you can kill all enemies close to you.
The vampire class is quite perfect if you are a solo player
Through a skill called "Vampire kiss" you can drain HP (Health Points) from your enemies. And you can increase the power of your abilities using the vampire form, a pretty useful self-buff.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 09/02/2011


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