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Aeria Games has launched Tauri World

Aeria Games, has launched its newest browser title, Tauri World, a sci-fi real-time strategy browser game with unique visuals based on the blueprints of Leonardo da Vinci.

Beyond Earth lies Tauri World where mankind has made its new home. In Tauri World, players take part in construction, expansion, and combat to increase their island colony's size and strength.
 As players develop enough infrastructure on their island, they can expand and migrate to new locations using advanced technology like Colonization Ships. If players are able to manage their resources and territories wisely, they can go to war and conquer new land throughout Tauri World.

Tauri World's features include:
-Extensive Building System and Vehicles - Create various buildings to expand and utilize over 20 different ships that allow players to spy, colonize, or start war.
-Commercial Trading - Carefully planned trade strategies can accelerate the speed of internal economic development and provide support to allies by way of player trades or auctions.-
Combat System
- Player-owned technologies impact the course of the war, affecting everything from heroes, units, attack and defense parameters.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 10/02/2011


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