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TLBB prepares its Valentine’s Day Event

Love is in the air in the TLBB world this week, and is going to celebrate the month of romance with the launch of its much-anticipated Valentine’s event.
In this exciting event players can collect a set of Cupid’s Arrows and shoot them at players of the opposite sex in the hope of attracting that special someone and giving them the buff ‘Cupid’s Kiss’.

For those players who have already found their soul-mate, the game comes with a great number of marriage-related additions to TLBB, including a new Couple Skill ‘Lover’s Call’ and the new Eternal Diamond Ring available exclusively to married couples.The Eternal Diamond Ring can not only be upgraded, but it can also be blessed to add even more potency to its effect and give it’s wearer a unique heart-shaped aura.

To coincide with its in-game additions and the launch of its Valentine’s event, this week an exclusive discount is applied on its Token Shop item ’999 Roses’.

For players looking to tie the knot with that special someone this Valentine ’s Day, Roses are the perfect gift. Not only are they a beautiful symbol of love and affection, but they are also an important tool in helping to raise players’ Friendship rating as they prepare to embark on a long term relationship with the man or woman of their dreams.With a massive 20% discount, don’t give chocolates this Valentine’s Day, give Roses!

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 11/02/2011


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