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Rift reaches 1 million registered accounts

Trion Worlds has announced that its forthcoming MMO, Rift, which is scheduled to launch March 1st in North America and March 4th in Europe, has reached 1 million accounts. This comes as the game's Head Start period begins, giving those who pre-order a chance to get advance playtime before servers officially open.28 Head Start servers are live today, featuring realms for PvP, PvE and role-playing.

US Servers

-Belmont PvE-Briarcliff PvP-Byriel PvE-Deepstrike PvP-Faeblight RP-Gnarlwood PvE-Greybriar PvE-Keenblade PvE-Lotham PvP-Reclaimer PvP-Seastone PvP-Shadefallen RP-Shatterbone PvE-Snarebrush PvP-Spitescar PvP-Sunrest PVP-RP-Wolfsbane PvE

Europe Servers

-Akala DE RP-Brutwacht DE PvE-Trübkopf DE PvP-Argent EN RP-Spross-Passage DE PvE-Blightweald EN PvE-Cloudborne EN PvP-Firesand EN PVP-RP-Icewatch EN PvE-Steampike EN PvE-Whitefall EN PvP-Brisesol FR PvE-Rubicon FR PvP-Tempęte FR RP

Rift pre-orders are available and special Founder's Subscription plans remain available until March 15.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 24/02/2011


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