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What faction do you will choose in Shaiya? Alliance of Light or Union of Fury? Take your decission and fight for one of the goddess in the different difficult modes but be careful, because your character can die forever.


DDTank presents its events for early March

DDTank presents its events for early March

Jewelry Show
- Duration: Mar 2nd - Mar 4thFor anyone who smelts a +3,+4,+5 ring or bracelet, you will receive one romance ring in return. More prizes for more smeltings.

Double Exp Grand Carnival!
- Duration: Mar 5th - Mar 7thDuring the event time frame, you can earn Double Experience. Have fun! You can also use a Double Exp Card at the same time to receive stacking bonus! (4x Exp).

Flower Sea
- Duration: Mar 7th - Mar 15thThere is a good chance for you to get a Flower for winning sports fights. Collect 8 Flowers and you will get awesome rewards.

Green the World
- Duration: Mar 7th - Mar 13thGrab the Green Pack by winning 6 league fights and receive rewards.

Warm Up With Your Special Someone
- Duration: Mar 7th - Mar 19thYou just need to team up with your special someone and win 7 sports fights.

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