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New Battle screenshots from Realm of the Titans

Aeria Games presents new screenshots from our upcoming MOBA game Realm of the Titans. At the heart of Realm of the Titans’ fiercely competitive, DotA-inspired gameplay is a menacing ensemble of powerful heroes. Watch as these monstrous characters vie for control of the map in two opposing teams of five heroes each.

Battle gameplay in Realm of the Titans features:

* DotA “deny” tactic – Realm of the Titans revives of the popular DotA “deny” tactic. Players near death can eliminate each other to deny the opposing team the chance at earning XP and gold by killing them.
* Strategic Control Points – In a new twist to the original DotA-style dynamic battlefield, players in Realm of the Titans can capture control points on the map, then use these points to generate waves of NPCs at the unsuspecting enemy.
* Bot-Synced Matchmaking – Never lose a player at a critical moment again. When a team member leaves early, a bot will quickly take his place then disappear if that player reconnects.

Realm of the Titans aims to provoke intense competition out of hard-core DotA players, while still enticing new fans to the growing Action Strategy sub-genre.  Boost your hero’s skills and weaponry, learn powerfully destructive spells, and unleash your best battlefield cooperative strategy to win the map.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 03/03/2011


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