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[GDC SF 2011] Presentation of Gods & Heroes Rome Rising

We have been in the presentation of Gods&Heroes Rome Rising, at GDC San Francisco.Roman mythology is very popular these days, thanks to television and films, so this game is for all fans of these styles, it is quite faithful to the mythology and aesthetics.

The gameplay is very focused on PvE, but later a more polished PVP will be included in the game. The game will be subscrition base, but the monthly fee is not yet announced but we know that will be lower than in other mmo's, under $ 10.

One of the most interesting features is the states. Our character will be a retired Roman general has its own state in a valley, where you can build buildings, improve or hire workers. Collect resources, trade with them, visit the states of other players, or let others visit yours.In the game you can create battle squads with only 3 friends, and you can get a mini-army up to 20 characters to kill big bosses. In the game you will see special moves for funny and shocking fights.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 04/03/2011


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