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Rusty Hearts unveils its Teaser site

Perfect World Entertainment Inc. has unveiled today the teaser site for its upcoming MORPG, Rusty Hearts. Developed by Stairway Games, Perfect World Entertainment has signed a licensing agreement with WindySoft to operate Rusty Hearts in North America.

Along with the unveiling of the Rusty Hearts teaser site and trailer, Perfect World Entertainment invites players to apply for the closed beta.
Rusty Hearts is a fast paced, action-based MORPG featuring anime-inspired visuals and effects.
A short feature list from the teaser site reveals:
- 4 Unique Characters - Choose from 4 different characters with their own unique abilities and storyline
- PvP - Area, guild battle, tournament system and more!
- Dungeons and Raiding - Party up with your friends and explore various dungeons and raids
- Crafting & Forging System - Craft and forge your gear to strengthen them
- My Room - Customize your own personal room, decorate and store items
- Controller Support - Optimized to work with any PC gamepad

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 09/03/2011


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