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Gamigo unveils more details of Elements of War Online

Elements of War Online  drops players into the fray of exciting and ever-changing strategic battles in real time. Players put together their own armies using a variety of unit types and then training and equipping these. The tactical map divides the contiguous United States into 50 battle-torn combat zones. The arsenal of weapons available includes infantry, tanks and helicopters as well as experimental units and the ultimate weapon: units that unleash the elements in the form of earthquakes, tornados or thunderstorms. Up to eight players can go head-to-head on a total of 16 maps that differ greatly from one another.

•    Tactical map with 50 different battle zones
•    16 maps (forest, desert, town, plains, hills, snow)•    Elemental weapons (earthquakes, tornadoes, thunder, electro-magnetic pulses, storms)
•    2 playable factions (USA, Russia); more factions are in planning
•    31 unit types for each faction (infantry, vehicles, planes, helicopters)
•    Experimental units (such as units with modern armor and uniforms)
•    Up to 8 players on one map (4-on-4)
•    Units gather experience and gain ranks, can be equipped and learn skills
•    Destroyable environments

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 11/03/2011


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