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Gamigo announces Magis Campus

With Magic Campus, gamigo presents a complex and challenging browser-based game that will appeal to the hunter-gatherer in all of us: More than 600 creatures can be captured and trained to be comrades-in-arms. Flash allows the game to be displayed in highly-detailed and cute graphics with fluid animations right in the browser window.

Once a player has captured one of these dangerous creatures and added it to their brigade, the creature will continue to develop and become a mighty ally. During the course of the game they will learn more and more skills and can be equipped by the player. Spirit beings with special skills add even more variety to the wide selection and are an additional motivation to go out hunting.

In Magic Campus players have six unique classes to choose from that each come with a wealth of special skills. Different mission types add variety to the game: whether it's a story mission in which players uncover the secrets of the game's history, simple tasks, daily challenges or special adventures for a special event, there's always something going on in Magic Campus. The comprehensive crafting and upgrading system lets players create or improve their own weapons and armor. Though the gameplay is rich and many-layered, the game is easy to control. A variety of community features like the mentoring system and quests with friends make getting started in the fascinating world of Magic Campus easy and fun.

•    Browser‎-based role-playing game in a Far Eastern graphics style with strategic battles
•    6 factions, 6 professions and twelve characters
•    Hundreds of varying quests
•    Innovative character classes
•    Extensive companion system: almost all creatures can be captured and trained
•    Interesting crafting system
•    Players can furnish their own houses and couples can decorate their own love nest
•    PvP with special maps, guild wars and different scenarios

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 14/03/2011


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