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Manage your own online raids

Nok World has announced the launch of RPG Raid Planner, an online tool to manage and lead raids in massive online games. Nowadays, it supports six leading MMORPG's:

- Dark Ages of Camelot
- World of Warcraft
- EverQuest
- EverQuest II
- EverQuest Online Adventures
- Guild Wars.

Here you have the official press release:

Nok Worlds Launches the RPG Raid Planner. Dallas, TX, April 1, 2005 -- Nok Worlds today announced the Launch of the Raid Planner (, its online, multiple game, RPG Raid and Event Planning tool. \"We are excited to offer the Internet\'s first multiple game, event planning tool.\" stated Bradley Thornhill, Nok Worlds Partener and Designer. \"We are confident that players from many of the world\'s leading MMORPGs will find the Raid Planner to be an invaluable asset in helping them manage Guild and Public Events.\" The Raid Planner helps players find and manage RPG events using an easy to use web site. Planning raids, finding raids to attend, and managing characters from several of the industries leading MMORPGs are just a few of the things players can do with the Raid Planner. New users of the Raid Planner get a free trial subscription, non-subscribers still access the Raid Planner with a free Basic Account. Key features of the tool include: * Schedule online events with ease. * Join in on those event with a few simple clicks. * Guild Private Raids. * Quick glance Raid Calendar to easily find raids. * Keep track of all your characters in all the games supported. * Times are reported in the time zone of your choice. * Raid discussions for all users signed up for a raid. * See who else is going on a raid. * Set Signup Deadlines on raids to prevent last minute changes. * Set raid minimums and maximums to prevent too many people attending. * Automatic Raid Standbys for overflow. * Feedback system for Leaders and Attendees. * Profile pages allow you to see all a user\'s characters. Nok Worlds is an entertainment media company operating out of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Their flagship website,, currently supports six of the industries leading online RPGs. Nok Worlds is a group of gamers, working on tools that make gaming more fun.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 06/04/2005


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