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DragonSoul presents its political system

Neonga’s new Game Dragon Soul comes complete with an extensive political system that acts  as a inexhaustible source of motivation to players during all stages of gameplay. Not only does it include the election of a king but also a tutorial system for MMO newcomers. Furthermore “DragonSoul” features a complex guild and alliance system which drastically enhances the shared gameplay and also contributes to the dynamics of conflicts between each individual kingdom.

The election of the king

All players can be elected king if they are part of a guild or an alliance. If they secure a majority of votes in their fraction and also win the king’s election, they can become king, the highest ranking member. To lead their kingdom as sovereign, the king has to secure the honor and respect of their followers through heroic performances in epic battles.

The king’s and his ministers’ tasks
Once the king has been crowned, he can name two of his most reliable supporters chancellor and field marshal. Both positions are instrumental to the success of the empire. The chancellor’s task is to collect money through taxes on trade which in return help to equip their followers. The field marshal is responsible for the army and the kingdom’s defense. It is up to him to defend the empire by investing the budget provided by the chancellor into defensive fortifications and powerful buffs for the entire kingdom. The king himself looks after the diplomacy between the empires. He can forge alliances between friendly kingdoms and, in such a manner, overpower even superior kingdoms with cunning diplomacy.

Alliances and leagues

Alliances can shatter as quickly as they were forged. However, not only   are membersforced to prove their worth permanently, but members of the   government can be relieved of their duties at any time. Each member of a   kingdom’s government has got especially effective powers which they  can  put to good use in  PvP battles. But they have to be alert and   constantly prove themselves: Every fourteen days, they have to put   themselves up for re-election and justify their decisions in front of   their followers.

The Beta Test of the Game is scheduled for spring 2011.

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