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Ministry of War Launches a new server

Snail Games has launched a new server called “Conquest” for its popular real-time-strategy MMO, Ministry of War.Along with the new server, Snail Games will also host multiple in-game events giving all players the chance to win valuable in-game prizes.

Among these events are:
Power Leveler’s Paradise
- After the first 5 days, players with the highest level Heroes will receive free Epic Gear based on the highest level they are able to achieve.
Novice Packs and Daily Gifts
- All new players will receive free gifts just for logging in over the first week.
Age Progression Bonuses
- Everytime players progress their Civilization to a new age, they will automatically be rewarded.
The Golden Eggs
- Crack open Golden Eggs on the Ministry of War website to win items.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 22/03/2011


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