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Kill3rCombo launches the Elsword closed beta

The official closed beta period for The North American version of Elsword is now open. Kill3rCombo’s comic book style MMORPG Elsword is now offering players a sneak peek during closed beta testing (CBT). The CBT session will run through this March 30 and feedback will help developers bring this title one step closer to its final release. Interested testers can still sign up for their chance to check out the game early by visiting the Elsword website to register.

During the CBT, players can choose to play as Rena, Aisha or Elsword himself and can conquer quests in the co-op dungeons or brawl in the PvP arenas.

Those who accept the challenge will experience:

Manga-Inspired Look and Feel
– Players can leave the comic book pages behind and jump into the action!The vibrant, cartoon style graphics and animation invite players to become active participants in the interactive adventures of Elsword.
Dynamic Combo System
– Easy to master controls allow a new player to pull off combos and skills from the get go while advanced players will appreciate the ability to link combos to create game changing chains.
Skill Specialization
– Players can choose their own path, which allows for characters in the same class to emerge completely different, offering unique experiences for all players.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 22/03/2011


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