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Realm of the Titans releases a new Hero Showcase

Realm of the Titans' latest Hero Showcase unveils Tide Walker, the bold, amphibious hunter charging through the battlefield, washing out enemies with massive tidal waves and deadly whirlpools. His gnarly bone triton packs a serious punch and his powerful ocean spells easily finish the job. Tide Walker's speed and strength add to his skills, making him an excellent melee-caster hybrid character.

Use Tide Walker's skills to drown enemies in a siege of oncoming water:

Ocean Blast
- Targets a single unit and causes area damage. Decreases Movement.
Surging Whirlpool
- Transforms into a whirlpool, and dashes into one single point. Sucks enemies into the whirlpool.
Wave Attack
- 25% chance of creating a wave during attacks, causing damage to enemies. Cooldown period is 0.8 seconds.
Tidal Wave
– (Ultimate Skill) - Creates a wave that appears at range 1000 behind the caster, and travels 2000 ahead in your current direction. It deals damage to any enemy in the way, and repels the enemy backward. Damage and repelling force is based on the distance the wave has already traveled.

In addition the first 50 people who register here, will have a chance to win a test of alpha game!

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 31/03/2011


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