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Dragon saga presents its latest update - Verdurous Forest

The Dragon Fellowship arrives at Pine Cone Hills, where archers have called home for ages, to find the historic village in ruins.  Explore the magical elvin forest, battle dragons and defeat the evil Mist Elf Sorcerer "Mutisha" in the latest Dragon Saga update "Verdurous Forest".

The Verdurous Forest update features, add new monsters, quests and rewards and requires a minimum level of 45. In addition, super dungeon rewards are upgraded as players explore the Van Cliff Dungeon and complete the upgraded quests to obtain new Undead Bone armor sets.

Alongside the new armors and recipes, players will be able to obtain all new costumes from the Big Wheel and MixBoard.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 01/04/2011


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