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Desert Blitz presents its new features

Desert Blitz is celebrating its birthday, and with this, new features have been developed to add more dynamism and entertainment in this war game.

-          New building: bunker for safe storage of resources
o   With each level upgrade the storage capacity grows
o   The building cannot be sabotaged and the resources in there cannot be stolen
o   Maximal 10% of all resources can be stored in the building
o   After storing resources, the user has to wait 24 hours in order to store more

-          New unit: Transport helicopter for quick relocation of troups
o   With a transport helicopter ground forces can be relocated much faster.
o   Transport helicopter have a certain ultimate load which must not be exceeded for it to function with the high speed.
o   The construction of that helicopter allows users to relocate slow ground  troops (tanks, infantrymen, motorized infantrymen) much faster.

-          New branch of research: Logistics
-          Optimized overview of the units for premium members
-          Ground to ground missiles can do area damage now

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 04/04/2011


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