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Sneek peek of Eden Eternal's first zone

Aeria Games has released a sneak peek into the fantastical world of Eden Eternal, the upcoming anime-style MMORPG from the developers of Kitsu Saga and Grand Fantasia. As the first map, Limestone Mountain sets the stage for Eden’s whimsical, rich 3D graphics and tantalizing RPG gameplay elements.  Limestone Mountain offers a bustling mining village of merchants and citizens where players learn of the region’s recent troubles from the Ursun, Torturra and Anura races.

Venture further south and you’ll discover a lush forest terrain filled with roaming mystical beasts. Limestone Mountain contains two glittering dungeons, both set in the town’s richest mines. Watch out for the evil mushroids and feisty golems that guard the alluring vaults of treasure in both caves.

Zones in the Limestone Mountain:

Andrew Village
– Buy weapons, armors and potions from friendly town merchants. Receive your first tasks as you wander through Andrew Village, preparing to restore order to the troubled continent.
Andrew Village Mine – Help the locals defeat a ferocious rock golem in the town’s northern dungeon.
Riverside Forest
– Walk beneath towering trees, or sit beside the lake and enjoy a magnificent waterfall. Practice your combat skills with wandering golems, mushroids, and bison. Don’t forget to chat with the Ursun located at the Waterwheel Cottage.
Old South Mine
– Formerly the crux of Andrew Village’s abundant mining industry, the Old South Mine holds the most difficult enemies you’ll encounter in Limestone Mountain.

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