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The advertisement expands to the massive online games

Froghop, Inc has announced the launch of  Froghop ADVISE, an informatic application to integrate advertisement inside of massive online games. Here you have their official press release:

Froghop Inc. Launches Froghop ADVISE Consulting Services Pioneer in cross-platform gaming technology focused on providing a seamless integration of Transmedial Access Technology Boston, MA.

-- April 11, 2005 –- Froghop Inc., the only full-service solutions provider for transmedial needs catering to persistent and multi-user environments in the entertainment and training arenas, today announced the launch of Froghop ADVISE, an initiative focused on driving the seamless integration of transmedial communications and data interaction across multiple platforms for game developers and publishers. A pioneer in transmedial technology, Froghop coined the term “transmedial” to mean device-appropriate cross-platform access, or the ability to leverage mobile devices as access points into persistent virtual worlds.

The Company, founded in 2000, has been focused on driving the adoption of its unique RAIN Platform -- a database-driven solution that includes an expansive device library, trigger management, cross-platform chat capabilities, and a point conversion system -- among game developers and publishers. With Froghop ADVISE, the Company is now able to offer the fastest path to the integration and deployment of this innovative technology. By combining business case analysis, design, and a comprehensive filtering process, Froghop ADVISE not only removes the technological headaches of creating and maintaining a robust cross-device/cross-network infrastructure, but also reduces the challenging workload for marketing and design executives.

Operating independently yet synergistically with Froghop’s products, these consulting services support the Company’s position and commitment for advancing intelligent cross-platform experiences. “Well-designed transmedial solutions can be a powerful way to add gameplay variety, increase experiential depth and reduce time investment for players,” said Vicky Wu, Founder and CEO, Froghop. “Prior attempts to incorporate a mobile strategy into PC-based brands have not succeeded due to disconnect between the context of action, the delivery medium used and over arching business objectives. With Froghop ADVISE, we are now able to bring our expertise and existing infrastructure to the game developers, working side-by-side to bring this much anticipated technology to market.” Froghop’s ADVISE includes ROI and ROO analysis, and an intensive Content Verification Process (CVP).

CVP is an intensive filtering process used to determine which transmedial scenarios are most suitable for context and environment, that usability is optimized, and that it ultimately supports all business and design objectives. Additional services include feature prioritization, roadmap planning, scenario analysis and a breakdown of how transmedial features will impact business goals. Froghop, Incorporated is a full-service solutions provider for transmedial needs catering to persistent and multi-user environments in the entertainment and training arena.

From design-to-technology-to-support-to-education, Froghop dedicates technology and consultative resources to assist companies in connecting disparate platforms to facilitate device-appropriate cross-platform experiences. With the philosophy that multiple platforms must complement – not compete with or replace – the other, Froghop works with PC-based applications needing mobilization, as well as mobile applications looking for more content depth. Froghop’s consulting and technology arms operate synergistically, but independently, allowing the accommodation of clients’ varying needs. Froghop custom integrates each transmedial solution, built off of and run on its cross-device/cross-network RAIN platform.

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