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The latest update of Vindictus has arrived

Titanic Shift the latest content update for Vindictus is now live, and ushers in the the Titan raid boss, the new Labyrinth game mode, a totally revamped play style for Evie and several new in game events, items and improvements.

Enter the LabyrinthHidden away by the alchemist Resenlian on a mysterious island, the newly discovered Labyrinth holds terrors and treasures previously never before seen. This is a dungeon experience unlike any other. Mercenaries levels 23 and higher can access the Labyrinth via the Exploration Dock in Colhen, and can be attempted solo or with a party. Each room of the Labyrinth can be completed only by defeating specific objectives, including one where players must defeat their own evil doppelganger. Completing the Labyrinth will reward players with titles, exclusive equipment sets and more. (David Bowie mullets not required)

Evie Staff UpdateEvie’s staff has been completely improved and revamped. She is now more caster-like, both in her combat while wielding a staff and with her corresponding skills. Her basic attack is now a magic arrow, and she can protect herself with Mana Amber. A new Concentration system allows Evie to unleash deadly damaging and healing abilities.

Biggest. Raid Boss. Ever.The almighty Titan is the largest raid boss to ever set foot in  Vindictus, and he holds not only powerful high end crafting materials  but also drops completely unique armor. Accessible by players levels 60  and above via the Rocheste Battle Quest Dock, only the bravest and  strongest mercenaries will come out victorious. Mercenaries will be well  advised to dodge the ballista spears he throws as they are unblockable  even with shields, and to get out of his way when he goes into a fit of  rage.

New addition: Permanent Inner Armor and Hair Styles
By popular demand, Vindictus players now have the option of purchasing permanent Inner Armor and hair styles. Prices have also been reduced, as stats from the items have been removed. Players can visit the Avatar Shop to browse the wide assortment of cosmetic clothes and hair styles available.

The Colossal Ovum Crusade
A special in-game event is taking place now through April 26th. Players who collect the right Easter eggs for Kirstie will receive a special treat.

Improved Dock System

The dock system has been overhauled to make finding a group even easier. The new docks will allow players to access more dungeons and see a greater number of groups.

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