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Realm of the Titans unveils a new hero, Nevetira

Aeria Games, has released a new Hero Showcase for Realm of the Titans, its upcoming Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) title.

is a master of weather manipulation, largely learned as a survival tactic from her harsh upbringing in a remote mountain village, grimly located at the center of the region’s most severe weather patterns. Nevetira’s ability to manipulate wind and lighting were essential to surviving her tumultuous childhood and now make her an excellent ranged nuker on the battlefield.

The video shows off Nevetira’s skills using battle footage taken during the game’s recent Alpha Test.

Nevetira’s arsenal of storm-summoning skills:
Thunder Ball
– Cause damage and stun for 0.1 second. Light target's surroundings within a range of 1400 for 3 seconds. Thunder ball has 1800 Movement Speed.
Howling Wind
– Force enemies within range to turn around. Prolong their turning duration for 3 seconds.
Wind Blessing
– Restore ally unit's Mana for 20 seconds
Thunder Clap
– (Ultimate) Throw some thunder balls, which collect energy in the air and target nearby enemies. Each ball causes 120 damage to targets it hits directly, 80 Area Effect, and 0.1 second of stun.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 27/04/2011


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