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Pangya receives a new update today

SG Interactive, has announced today a slew of new updates for Pangya: United.
Released today, the first of two updates will provide players of the popular online golf game with new courses, game-play and add-ons.

The updates include:
- Shuffle Course Mode: In this mode, each hole is from a different course. The last hole is a special, new course that will give a large reward to players.
- New Caddie System: Caddie, the game's pet, will receive new stats and outfits.
- Rental System: Players will be able to rent cash items for Pang (in-game currency).
- Basic System: New players (Beginners and Rookies) will be able to purchase a great selection of outfits for a much lower amount of in-game currency.
- A new set of Cards
- Players will now be able to purchase and keep track of their titles in the inventory.

More features will be added at a later date, including:
- A new course called Wiz City.
- The Tiki Point Shop: a recycling station where players can trade their unwanted gear and items for different items.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 28/04/2011


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