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Eden Eternal presents new screenshots depicting its monsters

Aeria Games, today released new screenshots depicting Eden Eternal’s biggest NPC monsters. Eden Eternal is the latest anime-style MMORPG from Aeria Games and is scheduled to enter Closed Beta this spring.

Surprisingly fierce and robust NPC monsters inhabit the colorful world of Eden Eternal, mostly as the challenging endpoints to intense quests and dangerous dungeons.

In Eden Eternal, players can freely switch between up to 12 classes, build a bustling player town staffed by merchant NPCs, and participate in a catalog of epic quests as they work to restore peace to a fractured region. While adventuring in the whimsical realm of Eden, players will face an eclectic assortment of formidable enemies.

The monster features include

3 Levels of Monster
s – Battle 3 types, normal, elite and rare bosses. Each possesses a different blend of malevolent skills and abilities. The monster type is indicated by the color of its icon.

Break Point System
– Monsters shake up typical MMORPG combat with the unique Break Point system. Reduce the monster’s BP bar to 0 and it becomes deformed…and very angry! Scoop up additional hidden loot for activating a monster’s BP system.

Dungeons and World Bosses
– Encounter menacing monsters in all corners of Eden; the more remote the location, the more savage the awaiting beast is sure to be!

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 05/05/2011


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