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Statistics for the first 2 weeks of Mythos

After only 15 days after its launch, the hack'n'slash MMO Mythos, has received more than 250,000 players. A long look at the statistics of the game reveal a lot of interesting facts, facts and figures of these first weeks.

28% of the players who have created a character, have chosen to go to war as a Gadgeteer, while 32% have chosen to Pyromancer to play. The remaining 40% have opted to be a Bloodletter.

Regarding the selection of races, 15% opted for the Cyclops, 27% ​​chose the Satyr, 28% preferred the Gremlin, while 30% have decided to play as Human.The male characters seem to be the order of the day, only one of three players chose female characters.

To celebrate this data Mythos offers this weekend double experience points by completing quests and kill monsters, from 12:00 today until 12:00 pm on Monday.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 13/05/2011


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