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Realm of the Titans has announced a new map

Aeria Games, has added a new map to Realm of the Titans, its upcoming MOBA title. The new map, named Titan’s Eye, is a beautifully crafted, two lane 5v5 battlefield and joins a treasure trove of additional content updates, all of which will be available during Realm of the Titans’ Closed Beta testing period.

Realm of the Titans is an action strategy title inspired by a Warcraft 3 custom mod called Defense of the Ancients. Choose a uniquely crafted hero and battle in 5v5 matches for domination of a dynamic map. The newly added map, Titan’s Eye, is geared toward fast-paced PvP action, and offers a refreshing twist on the standard MOBA map type.

Realm of the Titans’ pre-Closed Beta content update includes:

·         New PvP Map: Titan’s Eye – Titan’s Eye boasts an additional win objective for teams – destroy the enemy base OR be the first team to achieve 66 enemy kills for match victory! The map also features increased global gold gain, decreased death timers, and reduced cooldowns for all heroes.

-       Rune System – This new system randomly spawns a useful buff in different locations. These buffs vary in type, ranging from double physical damage, double magic damage, haste, increased regeneration, flat experience and more.

-     Mounts – If the diverse roster of heroes isn’t enough to satisfy, take advantage of the new mounts added to RotT. Mounts increase your hero’s movement speed while out of combat.

-     Plant Power Up - A strange plant has grown across the Titan’s Eye map, emitting powerful energy. Any character near the plant becomes invisible to enemies.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 18/05/2011


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