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Eden Eternal shows the Thief class

Aeria Games, has released a new spotlight video this time presenting the Thief class of Eden Eternal.
Eden Eternal blends traditional MMORPG elements with the anime genre to create an unrivaled gaming experience. Players will discover a host of alluring features, including extensive player town capabilities, multiple races, a variety of deep in-game systems, and a series of challenging instanced and raid dungeons.

Facts about the Thief:

Melee DPS – The Thief is the first class in the Melee DPS branch. Melee DPS classes act quickly and fiercely in battle. The Thief especially excels and evasion and stealth maneuvers.

Weapons –Equip your Thief with a dagger (or two) for an attack bonus. Like all classes in Eden Eternal, the thief can wield any available weapon, but is most proficient with their preferred choice.

Class & Branch Skills – Choose from the Thief’s seven class-specific skills or take advantage of the five branch skills available to all Melee DPS classes.  In addition to evasion and movement buffs, the Thief possesses two cloaking skills. Don’t underestimate the Thief’s willingness inflict lethal damage – activate the impressive attack skills to transform your Thief into a whirlwind of metal blades.

Eden Eternal is scheduled to begin Closed Beta on June 2.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 19/05/2011


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