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What faction do you will choose in Shaiya? Alliance of Light or Union of Fury? Take your decission and fight for one of the goddess in the different difficult modes but be careful, because your character can die forever.


The Catastrophe of Babylon arrives to Martial Empires

Martial Empires is going to be hitted by The Catastrophe of Babylon very soon. During this world event, the players will need to work together in order to unlock the new dungeon and destroy the "Destructive Grudge" inside to avert disaster.

A giant meteor formed out of the remains of Babylon unleashed chaos in Mikan.  In order to reach the new dungeon, the "Barricade of Destruction", players will first need to break down the Wall of Revengeful Spirit. This can only be done by combining efforts. The final battle against the "Destructive Grudge" will take place inside the meteor.

"Destructive Grudge", the mighty lizard beast, is threatening the souls of the world, without which the land cannot recover. Once this mighty opponent has been defeated, the "Barricade of Destruction" will open the way to the new high-level area "East Mikan Hills", where new challenges await.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 03/06/2011


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