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The war agains cheaters and hackers follows in the massive online games industry

As we have informed in various news in the last months the main publishers of MMORPG's are fighting hard agains cheaters and hackers that are trying to abuse and exploit in their games. Today we have 2 main news about that fact. First, Mythic Entertainment has banned 107 accounts and suspended another 167 for cheater/hacking issues. Here you have the official post of Sanya Thomas:

There has been some silliness on the message boards about an “unbreakable radar program” that “Mythic can’t detect.” Last week we demonstrated that this was pure fantasy on the part of the cheaters. We permanently banned the accounts of 107 radar users, and gave out 167 suspensions. Look for plenty of new “I, uh, I quit! Yeah!” posts on a message board near you!

Read on for the rest of the announcement:

Based on data gathered from in-game appeals (players reporting cheaters), observation, and our toolset, we know we’ve acted against the vast majority of cheaters. Some will slip through, unfortunately, but we have no ethical choice but to err on the side of caution. Those we identified, but could not prove were cheating will remain on our watch list, and we will eventually get them.

Also, it’s with great happiness that we declare this round to be the last of the second chances. At one point, the perception had been expressed  on the part of some of our players that one had to have radar to be competitive. As the steady decline in the number of radar users has shown, the reality is that this is no longer an issue. What IS an issue now is the perception that “lots of other people” cheat, although the data simply doesn’t support that perception. Therefore, since there shouldn’t be anyone left who believes that they just “have to have radar,” we now proudly return to the original policy of “one strike, you’re out.”

Secondly, Blizzard Entertainment has closed 500 user accounts for using third-party programs to exploit the game. Here you have the details:

As part of our continuing effort to keep World of Warcraft free from abuse, we have permanently banned more than 500 accounts during the last week which were involved in the use of cheats and/or hacks using third-party software. We will continue to take an aggressive stance to ensure that the gaming environment remains an enjoyable place for our customers by actively pursuing those who would seek to violate the principle of fair-play, as well as breach our terms of use and policies in this way. As stated previously, we have a zero-tolerance policy for cheating or hacking of any kind. Players caught using cheats or hacks will have their characters removed and their account banned. They will not receive a warning.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. Should you have reason to believe that you have evidence of or information regarding the use of cheats or hacks, please feel free to send us an email at for us to investigate or submit a GM ticket in-game. Thank you again for your continued support.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 27/04/2005


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