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Eden Eternal highlight the Priest class

Aeria Games has presented today the latest class spotlight for its new MMORPG Eden Eternal. Eden Eternal blends in-depth RPG elements with anime-inspired visuals to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience.

In Eden Eternal, players are not restricted to one class. Freely transform between up to 15 unique classes as you traverse the continent in search of your destiny. 

- Facts about the Cleric class:
- Cleric Skills – Employ the Cleric’s seven class-specific skills or take advantage of the five branch skills available to all Support classes.  Mix your attack buffs with two healing skills to keep your party strong and healthy in battle.
- Heal & Support Class – Unlocked when your character reaches level 5, the Cleric is the first available Heal/Support class. Support classes help revive ailing players while also providing buffs and aids. The Cleric excels at healing party members.
- Weapons– Equip your Cleric with a Mace to gain an attack bonus. Like all classes in Eden Eternal, the Cleric can wield any available weapon, but is most proficient with their preferred choice.

Eden Eternal is currently undergoing Closed Beta testing. Aeria Games is giving away 4 Alienware laptops, 40 monitors, 20 Razer Mouse/Keyboard combos, 400 Eden Eternal Starter Packs, and 4,000 ePins for 500AP each to players during CB testing.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 09/06/2011


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