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Indomitus closed beta starts on 13 June

Koramgame has announced that the begin of its new MMORTS, Indomitus closed beta is going to be on June 13th. The Indomitus closed beta server will open on June 13th and lasts until June 27h.

The new free-to-play browser-based MMORTS, Indomitus combines deep and tactical battles with large-scale city building and heroic leadership RPG elements, Indomitus is set to wow gamers with it's vast array of gameplay features and unique combat options.

Koramgame have released the details of 4 in-game events for the upcoming beta.
Event 1: A Welcome Gift - Log in and create a character at any time during the beta and receive a 5,000 Gold welcome package.
Event 2: Daily Allowance - Receive 1,000 Gold on every day you log in during the beta. If you log in during every day of the beta test, you can get up to 14,000 Gold total!
Event 3: Recruiting Bug Hunters
- Koramgame are rewarding their best bug hunting players with special in-game Ruby's and badges. The 3 players who find the most bugs will receive the rewards when the live Open Beta begins at the end of June.
Event 4: Create an Empire - If any tribe is able to capture all the cities in the world within 14 days during the closed beta, the top 200 players of that kingdom will receive a reward on the live Open Beta server.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 10/06/2011


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