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The Open Beta of Operation Gamma 41 has started

Just A Game, has announced the open beta date for its new browser based strategy role-playing game, Operation Gamma 41, which will starts today July 4th, 2011.

The key features of Operation Gamma 41 include:

.Three Factions - choose between Allies and Axis factions, and brace yourself for a brutal encounter with an unknown faction.

.Competitive Combat Modes
- challenge your enemies in arena duels, single and Co-op mode, conquer their capitals and forge powerful alliances with your friends.

.Create Unique War Heroes
- choose between various, powerful, customizable and upgradable war leaders with different skills, status and breed your own heroes.

.Direct Battle Control
- control your ground and airborne troops - move and attack in real time.

.Unique Player Driven Story Line and World events.

"It has been so exciting to see players enjoying the experience in  Operation Gamma 41 during its closed beta test, and while it isn't over  yet, its stability and addictive gameplay have shown us that it is  getting very close to being ready to open the gates and let more players  in," said Volker Dressel, Director of Marketing and Business  Development at Just A Game.  "Before we jump into open beta though, we  invite as many players as possible to come in over the next days and the  weekend to give us your feedback as we head towards this great  milestone for the game."

"Operation Gamma 41 offers a unique, never seen before dynamic  storyline: the decisions of all the players on a server have a  significant impact on how the story develops and will even change the  game itself", explains Simon Seefeldt, Senior Director Online at Just A  Game. "The epic tale surrounding some of the secrets of World War 2 can  have multiple endings and is underpinned by a complex economy system,  interactive battles that offer many tactical options, diverse character  development for Commanders and a very sophisticated PvP-System as well  as many options for clans and solo players", Simon Seefeldt concludes.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 04/07/2011


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