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Fiesta Online launches a new german server

Gamigo's fantasy MMORPG, Fiesta Online, is celebrating the great success of its latest expansion, "The Joker". The number of active players on each server has reached record highs and the community is very happy with the new content. To keep up with the ever-growing demand, the seventh German-language server, "Markis" will go online today. A total of eleven servers will then be available for Fiesta Online.

To celebrate the addition of "Markis", gamigo will be hosting a server lottery. Since 7 is a lucky number, we'll be giving away 7 prizes of 20,000 Taler among all characters created on the new server! This event is just one of many promotion events planned in celebration of Fiesta Online's third birthday.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 07/07/2011


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