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Troy Closed Beta and ALT1 coins Giveaway

Troy with MMOGinfo its offering its Second Closed Beta giveaway and ALT1 Games USA is gifting 2500 ALT1 Coins (a $25 Value) to all beta testers who sign up with a beta key. Only one key per account.

Troy is a MMORPG set in a world based on Greek myth with recreated mythical characters such as Menelaus, Achillies, and Cassandra. It takes place on the great Autis continent, where the Trojan and Greek warriors have been revived to fight anew. Apollo and Poseidon have resurrected the armies to fight in their name. There are also conflicts between Zeus and Hades, who have their own designs for the war and the mortals involved.

To get your beta key and the ALT1 coins you only have to visit Troy Online and create a free account  Here. Then check your email. You should have an e-mail from ALT1 Games USA  explaining the next steps of the process. Click the link to finish  creating your account.

After that download the game client by clicking the “Game Download” button. Enter your username, gender, where you received this key, then your security question & answer.
Log into the Troy official website and go to the Shop page and press the coupon button.  Enter your beta key in Beta Event Coupon Key Redemption Box on the coupon page.

And finally log into the game and enjoy your reward.

What is this Troy Beta Key award?
-ALT1 Games USA is gifting 2500 ALT1 Coins (a $25 Value) to all beta testers who sign up with a beta key. One key per account.
-You can use ALT1 Coins to buy items in the cash item shop, which is accessible from both inside the game and the Troy website.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 11/07/2011


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