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Black Prophecy has launched Inferno in Tulima

Black Prophecy has lauched its first expansion "Episode 1: Inferno in Tulima." Tulima was once a vacation paradise where the wealthy could enjoy cocktails in the warm glow of the twin suns. Now the aliens are going to use the sector as their launching pad for an invasion.

The sector contains the new hub, "Enzo's Emporium", and will provide new story missions that continue the epic story of the conflict between the Genides and Tyi for players at level 14 and higher. There are also plenty of new jobs and dynamic missions waiting for brave pilots.

"Episode 1" will also introduce a number of improvements to Black Prophecy. For example, ship modifications are now completed immediately, so players can jump right back into action. A new type of weapon, the flak cannon, add even more explosive excitement to battles.

These have also been made more dynamic and thrilling by the new special skill system: Players can activate attack drones, for example, or overload their weapons temporarily to make life difficult for their enemies. When the vast emptiness of space gets too crowded, experienced pilots utilize a shockwave to push away attackers within a set radius.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 12/07/2011


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