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Realm of the Titans begins its Closed Beta

Realm of the Titans, has announced that its closed beta test has officlally started.

Realm of the Titans presents new content and features to the MOBA genre. Hailed by critics as the next great successor to DOTA, Realm of the Titans enters the market loaded with a robust line-up of heroes and two PvP maps, both decked with unexpected tricks and traps. In a time with few quality titles for MOBA enthusiasts, ROTT promises hours of thrilling 5v5 action for veterans and novices alike.

ROTT’s features include:

· Epic Heroes & Skills – Choose from a powerful roster of heroes, each equipped with four unique skills. Once in-game, further boost your hero with a selection of Titan skills.

· Exciting CB Events – The Realm of the Titans team has prepared a packed schedule of exciting closed beta events with real prizes.

· Intense PvP Matches – Test your teamwork in 5-player units. ROTT rewards strategy and cooperation, adapt as a team to survive and win.

· Innovative Content – Experience the all-new AMP system, epic hero mounts, and a 2nd map option loaded with boosts and tricks.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 27/07/2011


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