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Troy Online its going to start its Open Beta

After two successful closed beta tests, ALT1 Games is going to start the third and final state of testing of Troy Online with open beta test.

In the open beta test, ALT1 Games intends to roll out the vast majority of features of the game including all quests and quest arcs, the maximum level cap, and all designed areas and zones. The open beta test will feed immediately into the commercial release of Troy Online. Characters created during the open beta test will be transferred into the commercial version of Troy Online as well. Also, users that participated in ALT1Games’ closed beta will be receiving prizes in commercial for their help in improving Troy Online.

ALT1 Games will be doing final feature, balance and latency testing in the open beta. The open beta test may be as early as Aug 12th 2011, and will have even more new content for users.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 01/08/2011


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