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Allods Online : Renaissance has now gone live

Gala Networks Europe has announced that Allods Online: Renaissance has gone live. Renaissance is  the first content update since the game’s official launch in May 2011, the update include a huge amount of new content and challenges for its player population, which has recently surpassed 3.5 million registered players globally.

The biggest addition in Allods Online: Renaissance is the Renaissance a type of reincarnation for endgame players fulfilling certain prerequisites, Renaissance allows them to re-roll and gain certain benefits from doing so. A player’s main character becomes an Ascendant; and an all new character known as an Incarnation is born. The Incarnation inherits certain abilities from their Ascendant, and once they have achieved a high enough level, the Incarnation can even bestow certain abilities to the Ascendant. Careful players will find powerful combinations in these transferred abilities, and Incarnation and Ascendant alike benefit from the sharing of certain items between them, like gold, mounts, potions, and many others.

The next major content addition in Allods Online: Renaissance is the opening of a new Astral layer for spacefaring players, which contains a more challenging set of allods. It is on these allods that players will gain access to the highest level equipment to date: level 47 gear. Astral ships also gain a 60% speed boost and the map system is enhanced with colour coding and grid overlays to make navigating the Astral space more intuitive. However, this comes at a price, ships can now be pursued from wormhole to wormhole by terrifying demons, so only the bravest ship crews will make it to the loot-rich allods that lie within the depths of Astral Space.

Allods Online: Renaissance’s new content starts with the addition of completely new zones to the universe of Sarnaut. The Twilight Isle is a breathtaking new area with all new landscapes to explore and new monsters to battle, while the Cave of Tka-Rik is the most challenging dungeon ever introduced to Allods Online. Strictly for high-level players, the Cave of Tka-Rik contains a series of trials that lead players deeper and deeper into the secrets of Sarnaut.

Finally, Allods Online: Renaissance brings a nice treat for all players in the form of Happy Hours and Happy Days, a new server-wide bonus system. With this new system, everything beneficial in the game can become doubled. This can happen entirely randomly, or to mark special days. During every Happy Day event, overall bonuses like double XP, gold or monster loot can be further focused for random hours to resources like double guild XP, battle glory or Astral loot. Happy Days will happen at least once a month on every server from the day that Allods Online: Renaissance goes live.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 04/08/2011


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