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Power Hellga arrives to Mini Fighter Online

Mini Fighter presents Power Hellga, its 16th playable character. To celebrate her awakening, Mini Fighter is hosting a pair of events that kick off today. The new Card Game is a fun gambling minigame that offers valuable rewards, while the Mission Marathon gives players a full week of chances to win prizes just by battling their friends.

Power Hellga was raised by nobility, in a wealthy, elegant and seemingly-normal family. However, she has been overcome by an evil urge to bring forth the power of her bloodline. In spite of her beauty and grace, her dark power brings forth enormous energy and powerful magic skills. Starting today, players can meet the new queen of the dark night, Power Hellga.

New Events:

- 7 Day Mission Marathon: Aug 4th – Sep 1st - Seven Days, 7 Different Missions, and 7 Daily rewards. Any time during the event period, you can initiate your own 7 Day Mission Marathon. Once initiated, all you have to do is log in for 7 consecutive days. Each morning, a new daily mission will be issued, and daily rewards will be provided to all participants. Your compensation will depend on the mission, and difficult missions come with the better rewards.

- Mini Fighter Card Game - For the first time ever, a card game system will be introduced. Using Mifa, the Mini Fighter in-game currency, you can enjoy a simple-but-addictive game of chance. Try your luck, bet your fortune and potentially double your Mifa.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 04/08/2011


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