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League of Legends has announced a new map: Dominion

Riot Games has introduced League of legends: Dominion, a new game mode in which the two teams must capture and hold five strategic points in order to win the game. This new game mode will be available for free to all League of Legends players, who will be able to use their Champions is this new context.

Details League of Legends: Dominion:

-   Style of play "capture and defend": the players struggle to control and defend the five strategic objectives against the opposing team.
-   Frenetic action: Dominion is an accelerated version of the style of the classic game of League of Legends. The fights last about 20 minutes and players can enjoy a frantic pace alternative to the more strategic and deliberate gameplay in the Summoner Rift.
-   Fight without rest: From start to finish, players will enjoy constant skirmishes as they struggle to control the map. In Dominion, the summoners should handle fighters fighting against isolated and small teams.
-   Totally new Map: The action takes place in the Crystal scar, a highly coveted mining town ravaged by war that throws new designs created specifically for this map.
-   Victories until the end: Fighting in Dominion is competitive to the end, the last-minute comebacks are always possible and the result is unpredictable.
Totally free: Dominion is free for both new summoners to the most veterans . Dominion players can use all the arts, runes, champions and skins they already have in the game.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 04/08/2011


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