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Exclusive Troy Open Beta Giveaway

ALT1 Games with MMOGinfo is giving away 500 free ALT1 Coins (a $5 Value) to all the users who register to the Troy Online open beta event. Players can use this opportunity to test out Troy Online’s cash shop. This time, items can be carried into the commercial version of Troy Online, but the redeemed ALT1 Coins will expire. One key per account.
Troy Online, the next free massive multiplayer game (MMO) of ALT1 Games, has released the schedule and available features for their final beta test, an open beta. ALT1 Games, the American arm of Korean gaming company ALT1, has released two games in 2011 but is focusing primarily on Troy Online.

Troy Online’s open beta test will begin on Aug 12th, 2011, at 11 AM PDT (UTC -7) and last for seven days. This will be the last test before the game finally makes its commercial debut on August 19, 2011. ALT1 Games will be finalizing all systems within the Troy Online game as well as the website and the ALT1 Coin system. Additional features will also be added, such as an area for members of both factions to fight against each other and team up to tackle monsters. There will also be modified battle systems and additional battlefields. Secondary class skills and abilities have been improved as well.

ALT 1 Games will end the final opened beta test on Aug 18th at 10 PM PDT and will release a commercial version of the game the next day.

To get your your promotion key you only have to visit Troy Online and create a free account  Here . When you have your account, check your email. You should have an e-mail from ALT1 Games USA  explaining the next steps of the process. Click the link to finish  creating your account.

Download the game client by clicking the “Game Download” button Here, enter your username, gender, where you received this key, then your security question & answer. Then log into the Troy official website and go to the Shop page and press the coupon button.
Enter your beta key in Beta Event Coupon Key Redemption Box on the coupon page and finally log into the game and enjoy your reward.

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