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Troy Online presents a Preview of the Open Beta

ALT1 Games did a internal test to prepare their open beta test. Troy Online have done significant changes that make the open beta better than the closed beta test, such as enhanced graphics and a common battle zone for both Trojans and Greeks.

There were 5 major updates:

1. New honor point items: During the closed beta test, there were just two items that could be bought with honor points, so the points were essentially worthless. However, the open beta test will have additional items that can be bought with honor points and will allow players to accumulate guild points through PVP as well. Users can collect honor points through battle or hunting monsters.

2. Enhanced graphics due to an updated game engine: Troy Online’s graphics during the closed beta test weren’t worse than most other MMORPGs but the overall color was a bit dusky and could be improved on. There’s a clear improvement in the graphics with the updated game engine.

3. Additional War Zones: This is the most impressive update. Any character over level fifteen can enter a special war zone and compete for their faction. Either faction can win the right to hunt special monsters with unique items.

4. Battlefield-related tuning: Throughout the closed beta test, users submitted many different opinions about the battle system. Based on these opinions, there are a few changes, such as increasing the number of portals from the waiting room to the actual battlefield, giving no rewards to players who idle in the waiting room, and slight tweaks in the map design. Even though the battlefields are not perfect, it’s good that they’re trying to improve the game.

5. Faction character creation limit and balance adjustments: Troy Online’s core content is in the battlefields so they’ve tried to fix the balance problems between the factions and classes. In the open beta, ALT1 Games has put a character creation limit on both factions.

Both tier 1 and 2 classes have had balance adjustments.

The internal test only went on for three hours so it was hard to check all the updated contents, but the graphics and the battlefields are much better now. Anyway, if you participated in the last closed beta test, it will be fun to find out what’s different in the open beta.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 11/08/2011


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