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Grimlands has released a new trailer

Grimlands has released a new trailer that captures his post-apocalyptic setting perfectly. For the first time, Gamigo is presenting video material from the current game version. The scenes shown are taken directly from the game, which is currently in a pre-alpha stage of development.

Twenty years after devastating earthquakes lay everything to waste, what remains of humanity is fighting hard for its survival. Those cities that did not crumble in the quakes have been flattened in the bitter struggles for power that have ensued. Roving bands of marauders, mutants and psychopathic robbers wander the streets, looking for trouble.
In this inhospitable post-apocalyptic scenario there's only one goal, survival.

•    Dynamic gameworld that is changed by player actions
•    Flexible skill system - skill are improved by using them, forgotten when not used
•    Comprehensive crafting system with almost endless possibilities
•    Quest system with single-player and group quests as well as area quests that take place in a specific region
•    Intelligent enemies that run for cover, flee, hide or lure players into traps
•    Cities that can be controlled by the player and expanded
•    Highly-modifiable vehicles
•    Clan system with ranks, clan levels, a calendar of events and a base
•    Wide-ranging PvP features with duels, arenas and battlegrounds

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 16/08/2011


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